Megan Knight is a soulful and impassioned singer-songwriter.  Her bold vocals coupled with an innocent twang, delivers a righteous performance from this young artist, that stands out from the crowd.  

Knight’s unique point-of-view, innovation and approach to music, radiates through to her songwriting.  Megan's intonation is a perfect balance between modern and classic sounds that pulls inspiration from many different genres. 

At barely 13 years old, she started playing around the Northeast at any bar or club that would let her in!  She wrote and recorded her first full length album entitled, Megan Knight, at 15 years old, with Gary Nichols, lead singer of the Grammy Award Winning band, The Steeldrivers. 

Now, at 19 years old, Megan, a working singer-songwriter has had the opportunity to work with many notable names in Muscle Shoals, Nashville, Philadelphia, Los Angeles and New York; building a community of harmonious friends leading a new charge in the music industry.